The Interview Day

Attending the tests and interview day at the Malaysian Flying Academy on the 6th of May, 2009.


A view of their fleets at the proving ground of MFA. You can see all of their aircrafts here, the Piper Warrior.

It’s really interesting indeed to be at the flying school watching the cadets revs-up the engines before taking off through the runway for their flight training. It does really ignites my spirit to sit for the tests that day. The tests being held at one of the classroom on the 2nd floor with a ground instructor as the invigilator during the tests session. The test subjects are Aviation English, Physics and Mathematics. The tests are quite simple if you studied a lot on the books given by them. There are 12 candidates including me that took the tests.. they all came from all over Malaysia which is 2 of the candidates came directly from Sabah! Well.. it’s nice getting to know and meet the people that has the same passion as me here..


I eventually passed all the tests and interview. Currently waiting for the offer letter yet to be issued before I get to the MARA interview. Once if I passed the MARA interview, well guess have to start packing bags and headset and ready to be airborne hehe.. my intake expected to be on the 16th November, 2009 as mentioned by one of the officer in MFA. They said that I might be joining with the same batch with the ‘Royal Malaysian Police Air Force’ (Unit Udara PDRM).. but it stil depends on the date of my MARA approval. Otherwise, my intake will be postpone next year..

Till’ today.. MFA has produced over 800 MAS pilots, 100 Air Asia pilots and few other foreign airline pilots as well. Please visit for more information about the academy.

– Those who are going to the MFA Pre-Entry Test, here are some of the tips and description of the tests – MFA Pre-Entry Test Tips. Hope this will help you guys.. goodluck!


~ by bluewing747 on May 31, 2009.

5 Responses to “The Interview Day”

  1. hai…hmmm…its quite confusing.hermmmm…are u training under MAS or AirAsia or self sponsored? just wondering…

    • Hai daouz_86. Sorry if you have confused. Thanks for asking.. no, I’m not under MAS or Air Asia cadet pilot programme. I’m applying for the MARA loan for cadet pilots. Currently, MAS has closed their cadet recruitment until 2011.. if you are interested to know the route to be a pilot, check-out It’s a Malaysian aviation forum.. you can ask anything about piloting or other aviation related stuff here.

  2. hai. thanks alot for the quick replying. i really appreaciate it. now i see where u stand right?…i joined the fly la forum a few week ago after flydamnit was closed (pretty sad eh???)…there is not enough time for me to read all the things in the forum. well, i heard about the loan too. i also wish i can do the same. there are alot to tell u. i’ve been to education fair in KLCC and i found several flying school offers MARA loan. i really wish i could join later but i’m from art stream course. so i don’t have physycs and addmath. it takes time for me to complete all that. i have to take private class. i just finish my degree in photography. u know what? it’s all about airport and planes too!!! i just love it…

  3. slm..bluewing..1stly tanx for such a nice post n blog..its was really help me during my pre – Entry test n interview at MFA.keep up your good job.

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