A Journey to Chennai

8th June, 2009 is the date of my flight with Malaysia Airlines to Chennai. It has been interesting to be flying again since my last flight to Bangkok in 2006 which I took Air Asia instead. But now here comes my next flight… a flight to Chennai.

I decided to take a public transport to go directly to KLIA without having to stop at every stations while heading to the airport. It does actually saves much time.. no regrets! haha..

Image001Arriving at the  KL Sentral (approximately at 6.30 pm local time), I straightly check-in. This is due to all international flights check-in in KL Sentral have to be done 2 hours before scheduled departures. If you don’t, you’ll have to check-in in KLIA. This might burden yourself to carry all of your baggage along with you to the airport. Eventhough you still have 2 hours to departure.. why burden yourself..?

The time taken from KL Sentral to KLIA was 28 minutes.. typically it will costs you RM35 one-way either taking the express or the transit package. The flight to Chennai is scheduled at 2135 Hrs Malaysian local time which means that the boarding gate will be open at 2105 Hrs. As a passenger I’ll have to get boarding 10 minits before departure to avoid flight delay.


~ by bluewing747 on June 11, 2009.

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