MARA Education Loans for Cadet Pilots

What happened to the MARA education loans for cadet pilot course?

To what i understand.. all Malaysian cadet pilots graduated from a Malaysian flying school must work with airlines from Malaysia only. Such as MAS, Air Asia, Firefly, Maswings or other local companies in need of pilots. To apply to other foreign airlines you may required a certain flying hours in order to be eligible. Or you may have to convert to other foreign license first to work with that country’s airlines company. That will be more costly..

That may be the reason why MARA sponsors private cadets due to the airline, during that time MAS in need of pilots. MARA confident that the MARA sponsored cadet pilots will get the opportunity to be recruited to MAS. But, due to the economic downturn that hit the aviation industry, MAS dont need any new pilots yet.. for ur info, it is hard to get any job even in other sectors as well. This lead MARA to consider back their private loans for cadet pilots..

Previously, MAS fully sponsored all of their cadets. But now the MAS cadets are sponsored by MARA due to the confirmation of jobs. But still.. there are some MAS cadet pilots remains jobless. They are not allowed to apply jobs to other airlines coz of their contract with MAS.

MARA need to know whether MAS in need of pilots or not.. unfortunately not yet. “We’re hoping for MARA, and MARA hoping for MAS supports”..

All of this info is according to some of my pilot friends and some cadet pilot personal blogs plus my opinions. Correct me and sorry if i’m wrong.. all I can say is be patient. To all pilot wanabees ou there, bear in mind that pilots will always be needed, only the times will decide it. InsyaAllah kalau ada rezeki, the time will comes..

-This post is also posted in forum on the 13th June, 2009

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17 Responses to “MARA Education Loans for Cadet Pilots”

  1. i wonder if i am able to get sponsorship from MARA? Hmm
    I’ve got an aerospace degree from RMIT and im currently working for GEAE… would i get enuugh credentials to get full loan from MARA? I’m chinese wonder if i am eligible…

  2. pls10x!!let me know if any application is open for new cadet intake..mas or airasia.

  3. weh…ko dah masuk mfa ke belum??

  4. hi guess..luckly,and finally i found u people who talked about the mara loan. is that true what had ur guess talked for? actly i’m the one who waiting for mara loan,but unfortntly,till 2day i still not get nthing reply from mara??what is going on rght nw??what sppose 2 do????

  5. i once have a dream 2 b a pilot but now im one of medical student in malaysia… but seeing many pilots make me impressed . all d best in ur life!!!!

  6. i wnna b a pilot

  7. i wana b a pilot.. bt m nt gettin a perfect way 2make outta it..

  8. hi..
    im bukhari.
    is there any ways to get sponsor???
    i dari family yang sedarhana..
    but i really wanna be a pilot..
    shall u give me ideas on how to get the sponsor?
    actly i bru je lepas abis spm..
    n really interest on this job since i child…
    pliz help me..thankz…

  9. meeeee toooooooo

  10. salam..
    hye i’m sarah
    i heard MARA already stop the loan 4 all f.a in malaysia..
    i really wanna be a pilot..
    but my parents can’t afford to support the study.
    is there any ways to join MAS or Airasia??

  11. last year 2009 i try to apply my loan from MARA to pursue my study in pilot,unfortunately what i receive is a bad news,i receive a letter from MARA and telling me that,their had freeze the fund until further notice were made i’m getting bored and frustrated cos even i try to find some way to solve my problem,like make a loan from bank,there could only provide half of it,even doe the expenses of study would be hope anyone,willing to give me some advice and updates on what’s new on aviation.peace…

  12. kenapa sekarang mara dah tak beri pinjaman untuk cadet pilot?

  13. Im K.Shashivarman.Im from kluang,Johor.How i can get the sponsor for the pilot education?

  14. hi…. im ifwat…
    i really want to be a pilot..
    shall i have a scholarship or loan from mara??
    i have 2 options either study in Malaysia or in philipine…

  15. yarrr me too how about that. is not going easy. Someone please give some tips or advise for this. And how about if someone relly2 like from contend their acedmy? that we cal a spirit. R spirit be a section?

  16. Errr , could u tell me more the detail ? Pls and tq πŸ˜€

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