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The Author

Hi all! Thanks for visiting my blog. This blog was created with the intention of sharing some of my ambition and past experiences with you guys. Hope you enjoy surfing and browsing this blog. Please do leave any comment if you’d like to..




 At WMKK..


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  1. Hi… sry if i put tis msg in a wrong plc cause i got no other ways to contact u … i lost my handphone and all nums in my phone was gone . i need to noe ur handphone num .So can u pls msg me through sms so i can get ur num .. and erm… wat happen to flydamnt forum..

    • Hi there C.G.! The flydamnit forum is closed due to the administrator, Dusk is currently very busy and he had not enough time to manage the forum. However, Dusk adviced the previous flydamnit forum moderators to create a new aviation forum which is Why dont u try and have a check on this new forum! I’ll give u my nmber through sms..

  2. hye there,
    u really got a nice blog going here.
    keep it up please! 🙂

  3. Hi…I am 30 years old now. Always dreaming to become a commercial pilot. Am I too late now to join a flight school and able to get a job after my completion? Is the major airline in malaysia hire pilot after 30 years old? Hopefully you able to give me some advise. Thank you.

    • Hi there MJ! Good question as this info may share with others as well.

      Referring to your questions.

      1. Am I too late now to join a flight school?

      For your information, it is never too late for anyone to achieve their dreams to the skies as a pilot. Those interested to be a commercial pilot will have to undergo a ground and flight training in an approved flying school in order to get the license, CPL/IR with frozen ATPL. All flying schools accept at minimum age of seventeen and age not less than 18 upon the issuance of a Commercial Pilot Licence. Many flying schools have students age more than 30. Hence, your curent age is not a problem for you to enter a flying school in Malaysia.

      2. Able to get a job after my completion?

      If you entered a flying school privately, a job with an airline is not confirmed. Flying schools will not confirmed you a job but they may assist you for the application (certain flying schools) to some airlines. The only things that determine you to get a job or not is your interview with the airline company. Therefore, please prepare with good grades during your training and get a recommendation from your flying instructor.

      3. Is the major airline in malaysia hire pilot after 30 years old?

      To what I know, Malaysia Airlines offer a cadet pilot recruitment from the age of 17 to 30 years old. But, for private cadets there are eligible to apply for the position even if your age is more than 30. This depends on the demand of pilots at the time your applying for.

      My advice is, you still have a chance to be a commercial pilot. But, the job depends on the demand. If you have other qualification such as a diploma or a degree along with a Commercial Pilot License, this will incrrease your chances to get to an airline. For more information, please go to

      • Hi…thank you so much for your replied. It help me a lot and gave me full of confidence now to join a flying school and keep me moving forward, towards my dream job. Bty, have you heard of Austral Academy in Sandakan, Sabah? Do you have any command about this flying school? Is look like my first choice currently.
        Are you a commercial pilot currently and which airline are you working now? You have a good blog and it help a lot of people like me who is still trying to archieve their dream. Your explaination is so details and really help me so much. Carry on…..bro….good work….


  4. hi…nice blog….and may i know smoker can be a airline pilot???

  5. Hi…is me again MJ. I read 1 of your forum name “MAS Pilot Job Requirement” and is mentioned about the requirement needed to join MAS. 1 of the requirement is age limitation not more than 30 years old. This is abit confusing from what you replied me earlier. Can you explain more clearer on this issue ? or how about others airlines requirement such as Air Asia? I just have to make sure my age won’t limit me from achieving my dream.
    Thank you.


    • Hi MJ sorry for the late reply. It is true that in “MAS Pilot Job Requirement” it mentioned that the age limitation is not more than 30 years old. But that is the requirement for the post of pilot for Malaysia Airlines. For your information, some other airlines does offer for age more than 30. As for Air Asia, I’m not really sure for their age limitation requirement.

      To my opinion, it is better for you to get your license before the age of 30. The reason is you will be able to work with any airlines much longer and more experience as your age increases. That is why most captains are much older and more experience (flying hours). While you are young and still having a good eyesight and a stronger mind, this is the time for you to learn and obtain early experience before you go to a bigger jets which is roughly more tougher.

      Don’t worry my fren, if flying is your dream, with a big of hardwork you’ll achieve it one day. Good luck!

  6. Hi,bluewing… is me C.G … still remember me ? how are you recently? Just wana let you know that i will enter MFA’s Nov intake this year ? So how about you ? entering Nov intake also?

    • Oh hi great to hear from you again CG! I lost your number.. can you pm me your phone number in


  7. Hai… I just want to ask… What is the minimum gred in SPM if i want to be a pilot?

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