How to be a Pilot in Malaysia?

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Being a pilot itself is a one satisfaction. A pilot works with big machines that cost multi-million of dollars. Therefore, their responsibility is extremely high and challenging. A pilot required to fly an aircraft safe from one destination to another. There are several steps in order to be a pilot registered in Malaysia.

To be a cadet pilot you will need a letter from the DCA. DCA stands for Department of Civil Aviation where the main office is currently located at Putrajaya.

All aviation licenses will be issued and updated by this department. Please refer to this department should you have any queries.

First Step

What type of aviation license do you need?

If you wanted to enjoy flying as a recreational activities, you will need a PPL (Private Pilot License). This license is issued by the DCA. There are many flying clubs and schools offered training for PPL courses. The cost varies from each clubs/schools.

If you wanted to make a pilot as your career and fly commercial aircrafts, you will need a CPL/IR (Commercial Pilot License with Instrument Rating). After completing and obtained this license, you will then need to continue for the frozen ATPL (Airline Transport Pilot License) in order for you to work with airlines.

The academic requirements to be a student pilot in Malaysia is obtain atleast a credit in English, Maths and any of a science subjects (physics recommended).

Second Step

Write an official letter to DCA request for the letter of approval. Please attached a copy of your SPM result and Malaysian NRIC (National Registered Identification Card). The department will issue you the letter of approval based on your academic qualification (Please refer to the academic requirements above in the first step). It is estimated that you will get the letter within a week or less. Please do make a call to the DCA for queries regarding the progress of the letter issuance.

Third Step

Medical check-up. Some flying schools need your medical certificate for the application process while some required you to take a test or interview first. The medical certificate is compulsory and must be updated accordingly depends on your age range. It is categorized with classes, for instance a Class I medical certificate for CPL/IR course and a Class II for PPL only. There are some doctors in Malaysia that are qualified and recognized by the DCA. Please check their website for the recognized aviation doctors.

Check DCA Authorised Designated Medical Examiners here

Fourth Step

Apply to any approved flying academies/schools in Malaysia recognized by the Malaysian Department of Civil Aviation. The schools are listed on the right column of this page.

Important : Please do make some research regarding the price and location of any approved flying schools that best suits you.

-Updated by BlueWing on 29th April, 2009.

Should you have any queries about the application procedure please leave a comment below. I will try my best to share, help and assist any information you needed in order to be pilot. Fly high guys!


50 Responses to “How to be a Pilot in Malaysia?”

  1. Hi.

    I’m having a problem in filling out my application form in the sponsor particulars sect.

    Based on what I’ve read in your blog or at the bank’s website regarding the education loans, it is stated that I need to obtain the Letter of Offer from the flight school first before applying for the bank’s loan.

    But, is it possible for me to get the Letter of Offer from the flight school first without filling the sponsor particulars sect. in order to apply for the bank loan? I’m so puzzled about this.

    • Hi Sara,

      Which flying school are you applying for?

      It’s possible to obtain the offer letter but you still have to fill-in that sponsor particular section. If you’re not sure which source of financial that will sponsor you during your studies in the flying school, it is recommended that you to state in that section as ‘Privately Sponsored’. In other words, sponsored by your parents.

      Please ask or refer to the officers from the flying school that you’re applying for first before doing this.

      Goodluck Sara!

  2. hai, sir I’M kumar here… i want to be a pilot. but spm result very bad. can l take any certification course for stady for pilot.. cin i contac sir?

    • Hi Kumar,

      If you really interested in to learn and get a pilot license that could be possible in any country around the world. But each countries have their own academic requirements based on their Department of Civil Aviation.

      In Malaysia, you will have to refer to the Department of Civil Aviation, Malaysia (DCA). You will need an approval letter from this department first. As far as I’m concern, you will have to obtained credits in physics, mathematics and english at SPM level to obtain this letter in order for you to be eligible to undergo cadet training at any Malaysian flying schools.

      However, please do refer and make a call to the DCA of Malaysia. Wish you goodluck Kumar!

  3. hi there
    i am trying to find the price for ppl and cpl but i can’t see it

  4. hallo,im ho kui fei…i am 16…i want to be a pilot since im primary five…i dont know whether i can be a pilot or not…im a girl…my result quite good…but i worry cant afford the carse’s fee..

    • hye there…
      u still can apply for AirAsia after your SPM… What is important is get a good result in your math, add math, physic and english… credit will be given if u score all of your subject that u taken in your SPM… besides that AirAsis open their cadetship programmed for female candidates also… Malaysia Airlines will be open either on 2010 or 2011..


      • hello sir,if i want to apply for air asia after my SPM, do i still need to send a letter to DCA?

  5. hi, i’m filzah..i am very interested to be a pilot. But how can i apply for pilot school in malaysia?

    • hye filzah,
      first of all u need to obtain DCA recommendation letter.. after that do the medical check up…
      there is plenty of flying school in malaysia…
      but the important thing is makes a survey first before applying that particular flying school… u can apply it by visiting their website and download the application form…


  6. hihi…
    may i know …
    when a pilot is flying an aeroplane … besides pilot, are there any aeronautical engineers in the cockpit..i mean beside the pilot …?? or is it somebody else ??

    • hi alice,

      nowadays all aeroplane are flying with 2 crew member.. they do not need a flight engineer because the aircraft itself become more sophisticated..


    • Hi alice, thanks xross.. appreciate your help. 🙂

      No, there is no engineer needed during a flight. Only flight crews are required to conduct and responsible for the flight. An engineer will only do his/her job while aircrafts are on the ground.

      However, some aircrafts need more than 2 pilots, such as the Boeing 747-400. The aircraft need 5 pilots..

  7. I am interested in relocating to Malaysia as pilot crew from the US. I have 8,100 hours, US ATP with First Class Medical, current captain FAR 135 King Air 90 and 200. I have experiance in 31 and 35 Learjet 135. Health is very good. Wife is Malaysian citizen from Penang. What is the process there and prospects?

    • dear michael,
      to apply for pilot in malaysia u can apply it at AirAsia because they did took the foreign pilot.. search it at job@airasia..


    • Dear Michael,

      Please refer to the Department of Civil Aviation Malaysia (DCA). For your information, you may have to convert to a Malaysian licenses first before you can be a pilot in Malaysia.

  8. hi..I’m a 17 year old really interested to be a commercial pilot in problem is, should i take a diploma in aircraft maintainence engineering or take a diploma in aeronautical engineering? i’m confused..can u help me?

    • hi zahid,

      in my opinion, u better take the DAME.. because the job opportunity is much more better in malaysia… furthermore, the airlines are open their own training course…


  9. oiii… aku da tukar number….
    da balik KL halo aku…


    p/s : 0122387134 number aku…

  10. hi sir….I’m Sarves here…..I’m just 16 years old…..pilot is my ambition since i was 3years old…..i heard if want to study for this carrier we have to pay more than 1 or 2 millions…I’m from a middle class family…..can i get sponsorship from any airlines or….in the future….i mean after SPM???

  11. Good afternoon,
    I’m Ama and my son sitting for SPM now , he’s ambition is very much in Pilot and due to that he is studying hard for his exam & also physics but as i have also other children studying, financially quite tight,cant afford the carse’s fee is there anyway on he sucessfully fulfil his ambition.

  12. hi sir,
    im rhessan here from malaysia…im just 18 years old…
    pilot is my life time achievement n thats my destiny also..
    but im vocational student n my result is (1’A2,1’5c n others all just past to be a pilot sir..please try to help 4 me my dearest..kindly regards

  13. can i know a best way to fund for my CPL/IR course.i cot a very good results in my spm but i am scared if such financial prob would stop my dreams.pls help me……

    • Hi Divyan,

      Congratulations on the good result of your spm Divyan! If you have scored your spm with flying colours that would not be a problem for you. The primary subjects that you must scored during your spm are English, Mathematics and Physics.

      Apply directly to MAS cadetship or Air Asia. These airlines may sponsor you. However, you can also finance your own training as a private cadet through bank loans, kwsp, refinancing of properties or other sort of sponsors. To my opinion, try the Mas cadetship first as they will be reopen soon by next year I guess. Please check the Malaysia Airlines website.

      P/S – You must have a good eyesight as well with vision 6/6 to be eligible as a cadet pilot

      • Thnaks sir.But can i have u r phon no.bcoz i wan to talk personally about the loan and schollership.PLS sir at least u r email add.TQ.

  14. hello.i’m arifuddin and i want to ask is there any other sponsorship besides mas or air asia to be a cadet pilot?how about loan?my 2008 spm result is very good and currently i’m doing foundation for medic oversea but i juz don’t see myself as a doctor.and how about job oppurtinities?i heard that there will be an excessive amount of pilot about 5 years to come.

  15. can i know if size really matter tobe a pilot and the cost. i have a good result in my spm, and now i’m looking for a good flying academy in malaysia.

  16. hey sir will i am in arts possible to be a pilot? i am really worry about it cause i do and i really wanna be a pilot. the second problem is applying for flying school is it really expensive? or is there any way that they could help me out

  17. sir can a art student be a pilot?

  18. hi sir, how to be a pilot???hw 2 apply for that???i’m frm midle class family…so i’m luking 4 a institute that i can afford 2 pay or can i get loan for my studies???

  19. arts ?

  20. hai i have a question i love flying and really want to be a pilot for comercial airliness but first i have to take the cpl course but know the problem that im facing is that im trying to know is it possible for me to apply due to my bad spm results…i got a math c,english b,physics d… juz wondering…but i know everything there is to know about flying and aircraft and i have the interest so i will do what ever it takes to become a pilot….???so can u help me…????

  21. and one more question both of my frens now are pilot but when i ask them about their acedemic spm result then they say they didnt even past math or physics but still know they are already a pilot…??for cathay….so i was wodering are they taking the flight licence by paying a certain amount of money and then they got a certain training without taking their spm result into considerartion….???

  22. I just finish my SPM and got 8 credit.. The 8 credits includes Maths, English, Physics, Add Maths also… so do I have a chance to be a commercial airline pilot? If I do, please tell me how? Thank You.

  23. hello,I’m Peter and I would like to ask wether I can bcome a pilot bcause I’m not from the science I know wether I am qualified to bcome a pilot.I really interested in bcoming a pilot since I was a young boy.

  24. Dear bluewing747,

    I’m Zain,18.I’ve got an A for english,maths and physics. A B+ for add math too. Me and my dad went to putrajaya to see one of the DCA. The DCA said i’ve met my requirements and he’ll send the Letter of Approval soon. I was wondering if i were to register for MFA, is it necessary for me to do the pre-entry test?

  25. Hi, I would like to know if I can study piloting in Malaysia with my SPM cert. I am from art stream, I do not have physics but I have general science. Can I still study piloting in Malaysia oe other places around the world?

    Thank you..

  26. Sir, is it possible if I obtain my pilot license from Western Michigan University and come back to work in Malaysia?? I am a Malaysian citizen..

  27. hi sir,
    my name is rashidi.. pilot has been my ambition since im in primary school.. im 17 years old this year and my monthly result is quite good.. but im 163cm tall.. can i apply at any flying academy.. if can, how to apply.

  28. hi sir,i’m amer,21 yrs old…still studying about marine field…diploma actually..but i’m more into pilot…how can i apply for that??my spm is not good enough but my result in diploma is good for every semester…and how can i get sponsor to cover all the fee that need to be paid??tanx…

  29. Hey, my name is Nasrul and I want to be a pilot but the problem is i’m wearing a spectacle. Is there any possibilities of a pilot career for me?

  30. can you explain more about vision 6/6?

  31. Hi, just a quick question, what if, lets just say, i don’t get into science stream? Is it anyway possible for me to just take up a flight course right after SPM? Based on your whole info, it’s a must to at least obtain a credit in english, math and physics. But what iffff, i fail to get on to science stream? Will it be a definite no go?

  32. Good Day,
    I am Kenji from Malaysia, I am looking for sponsorship for pilot training course.Is it Air Asia and MAS provided? May i know where can i get the application form? Or those sponsor only for Bumiputra?

    Also, may i know more detail in eye test? Hope can hear from you soon. Thanks with regards.

  33. Hi. My nephew wants to be a pilot and it has always been my sister’s dream too. My sister is no longer here in this world. I wanna help my nephew to achieve his and my sister’s dream. The problem that I have is getting a loan to study pilot. Where can I get loan to study for pilot ? Appreciate your help very much.

  34. hi, can i still become a pilot even if i’m taking co-ordinated science? and what’s a credit? c? makrs above 60? i understand that these questions have been asked many times already, so i should apologize and thank you for answering these repeated questions! THANKS ALOT!!=D

  35. wow,this is really helpful because im still stdy fr my spm
    nd kinda blur about this pilot thing,..i really wanna be a
    pilot since i were kid,
    fr math nd english perhaps i cn score,bt my science
    subject is other way round,if just get credit fr my
    physcs would it be ok??…one more,does i just have to
    send my ‘official letter to DCA request for the letter of approval’ after i got my spm result nd they find a place to stdy nd wht will be the content of the letter??

  36. my ambition to be a pilot since i was small.i’m a gurl.. now i’m on form4..i learn physic,add math n the rest as good as frens in HM aerospace..the cost vry2 expnsive..250K..if myresult in SPM good it easy to me to get sponsor rite?n why MALAYSIA AIRLINES dont take a woman as a pilot on their airlines?

  37. Hi,I am a student who is taking SPM 2010 .I would like to know what should I do after my SPM in order for me to to be a pilot in Malaysia and I need sponsorship for me to do my cadet pilot course can you suggest some of the company that do provide sponsorship for me?I do have optical problem but it can be corrected by optical and contact lens can i still be a pilot with that problem?really need your help on my question above hope you will reply me i really wanted to become a pilot.looking forward to your reply.

  38. You’ve written a very excellent blog post.
    If it’s ok with you, I would like to seek permission to use your article as it relates to my problem. I will be happy to negotiate to pay you or hire you for this.

    With Regards from
    Republic Polytechnic

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