MAS Pilot Job Requirements

Malaysia Airlines 737

Requirements of the Candidates to Apply for the Malaysia Airlines Jobs

The candidates can fill up the online application form available on the internet or can check out for the advertisements published in the newspapers and send their application via post. Applicants need to submit their resume, identification card, true copies of all the documents and certificates and recent photograph (passport size). The citizens of Malaysia can apply for Malaysian based openings only. For the post of cabin crew, candidates must mention in particular, their height, weight along with a photograph (3R full length). They need to post their application at the address given below:

Manager Human Resource (Resourcing)
First Floor, Admin Building 4,
Mas Complex B,
Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport,
47200 Subang,
Selangor Darul Ehsan

To apply for the post of Pilot with Malaysia Airline, the requirements are as follows:

  • Must be a Malaysian citizen within 18 to 30 years of age
  • Minimum Level 4 Aviation English
  • Letter of recommendation from flying school
  • Must be fluent in English and Bahasa Malaysia
  • Malaysian CPL/IR with Frozen ATPL /Malaysian ATPL
  • Physically and medically fitness documents
  • Should not be less than 5 feet 4 inch (163cm) in height

The employees of Malaysia Airlines can avail a host of facilities and benefits during their service at Malaysia Airlines Company. The employees are provided with excellent remuneration offers that include privilege travel annually, medical and dental aids and discounted airfares.

Malaysia Airlines

Malaysia Airlines Limited is a premier airline company of Malaysia established on 12th October, 1937. The airline known for its high class service, has received around 100 awards in the past 10 years. Malaysia Airlines comprises more than 22000 dedicated and talented employees. Malaysia Airlines jobs open the doors for a bright career in the aviation industry. The company offers excellent opportunities to the employees, for whom working with this reputed organization, is a dream come true.

Categories of Malaysia Airlines Jobs

The jobs at Malaysia Airlines include short term as well as permanent employment positions. The jobs can be categorized as ground positions which include administrative officers, customer care executives, accountants, aircraft engineers, maintenance engineers, and other IT positions. The other category includes pilots, cadet pilot and the cabin crew.

15 Responses to “MAS Pilot Job Requirements”

  1. how am i to get d application form online.i have been trying so long but i dont seem to find it.please help me.

  2. From what I heard, MAS cadet pilot recruitment is closed for the time being. Maybe up to 2011. This is due to the downturn of economy and currently there are lots of MAS pilots remain jobless. But, bear in mind that MAS cadet recruitment accepts applications up to the age of 30. Don’t worry.. 🙂

  3. i jz wan to knw tht MAS AIRLINES got gv sponsorship to trainee

  4. A lot of of guys blog about this issue but you wrote down really true words!!

  5. These are great news! I am going to get my pilot license soon so i am happy to see new jobs are still required in this domain, it makes me feel i made the right choice when i decided to become a pilot. I must admit that this ongoing recession worried me a bit, but hopefully soon i am also going to send my CV to all interested companies.

  6. i am CPL holder(FAA) and i completed in USA. what are the steps to convert to the malaysian i have any chance of getting a job in malaysia but i am from INDIA.plz reply………

  7. Can i know , how many years it takes to become a pilot?

  8. owh so its better if i take a diploma or degree first,,right?

  9. i want this job because i like…but i not cleaver and not spm..i hope this job..

  10. afif from kluang..recently, i have register a pra-test at MFA..while registering, my father ask about the vacancies..the lady said that it is tough to get a job my father said if i did not get any scholarship..i have to go to another sector of can i apply my scholarsip at MAS @ Airasia?

    thanx in advance..

  11. I’m syarani,this year i will seat for spm examination…… what must i do to achieve my ambition to become an airlines pilot?????please,please,please give step,what must i do now(register) and after SPM end of this year just to become a commercial pilot…………email me please at
    help me ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

  12. hi thr,to apply pilot only Must be fluent in English and Bahasa Malaysia? got say need science side or art side,is tat important?

  13. can a woman take job in mas??

  14. can a woman be a pilot.,i really want to be a pilot.

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