Malaysian Flying Academy


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The Pre-Entry Test

All candidates required to be at MFA before 8.30 am.

Important : Please bring along your scientific calculator and please wear formal dress code with tie. (Long sleeve shirt only).

Ms Chua Airin – Malaysian Flying Academy

Test Schedule

8.45 am – 9.30 am               Aviation English

9.15 am – 10.15 am             Physics

11.00 am – 12.00 pm           Mathematics

12.30 pm – 1.15 pm            Urinal Test

1.00 pm – 2.15 pm           = Lunch Time (MFA Cafe)

2.15 pm – Depends ———-   –Interview Session

After completed the interview process, all candidates are required to go to the conference room located at the ground floor. Here you will be called by Ms Chua one by one for she will tell you your test and interview results.

The Test

What you need to do and answer.

# Aviation English

Please read the article on History of Aviation in the book given. The exact article will be given to you. 10 questions will be given based on the article and please answer in full sentence!


Wrong Answer

1. What are the first aircraft that is heavier-than-air?

Glyders, aeroplanes, helicopters.. etc.

Correct Answer

1. What are the first aircraft that is heavier-than-air?

The first aircraft that is heavier-than-air are glyders, aeroplanes, helicopters… etc.

# Physics

All questions are fully based on the books given with 50 questions will be given to you. Please understand all the theories and memorize all the formulas given in the book since most of the questions will ask about their relationships. Only 2 to 3 questions involved calculations. There is no objective or subjective questions. The questions given require you to underline or highlight the correct answers only.


1. Given a force which is constant, an increase in mass will make the acceleration [increases, decreases, remain the same].

# Mathematics

12 questions will be given. Calculators are allowed for every questions except question number one only. Very easy.

The Interview

Their main focus of the interview is to check on your competency in English! This is very important to meet the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) standard. According to air crash investigations, most of the crash are due to the misunderstood of information and instruction given between the pilot and the ATCO (Air Traffic Control Officer). Moreover, all ground subjects and communications in the academy are 100% in English.

# Questions that will be ask in the interview.

1. Why do you want to be a pilot?

2. How does aircraft flies? (Explain the Bernoullies Principle)

3. Read a given article and explain what do you understand about it.

Important! Please make sure that you are fully prepared. Make some research on aircraft technologies and study everything that are related to aviations.

 After completed the interview, proceed to the conference room. Your test and interview results will be given by the MFA reprensentative.  If you passed, he/she will explain about your intake and the fees for the whole course that you will need to pay. An offer letter will not be issued immediately after the interview unless you have made the placement payment. The current initial payment is RM66.5K.

Hope all the informations given above will help you for the preparation of the pre-entry test. Good luck pilots!

– Updated by BlueWing on the 8th May, 2009.


Photos taken during my Pre-Entry Test at MFA.. I remember how hot it is that day. Wonder how it’s like to be in the MFA’s Piper Warrior in that kind of weather. . must be boiling.. haha

A view of their fleets at the proving ground of MFA. You can see all of their aircrafts here, the Piper Warrior.


15 Responses to “Malaysian Flying Academy”

  1. Thank you for this post.

    It is very helpful

  2. what is urinal test?

  3. pass already yeayyyyy

    • was it hard?
      i heard someone said that it is the same level as spm..but i wasn’t sure..what about math? is it modern mathematics or they include add math too?

  4. I was there before you. Everything is good in MFA except they will threat you as if you didnt pay them, they are the one who pays you. Good luck with the world RUDE mat SALLEH on earth and the best principal in the world, who just listen to the FISH not the students. May your flying dream comes true. Cheers

  5. what is urinal test actually?i alredy pass my 1st class mdical check up including the urine i need to make another urinal test at the day of the pre-test and how to pass that urinal test?

  6. Pass already last month..thanks Blue wing..Was quite helpful.thank you.

  7. I’m doing mine in september! I wounder if it has changed alot since you guys in 2009. Any one have news about the test this year?

  8. man!
    this information very useful to me..

  9. it is all same question they ask every year ??

  10. I just got the approval letter from DCA and I’m going to apply for an intake at MFA, unfortunately I am nervous. Yes, but I find this article interesting, and it gives me a basic idea of what kind of questions they will be answering! Thank you very much!

  11. ANYONE going for the Entry Exam this 13th December? I would love to know who’s going and maybe we can share some “Valuable Knowledge” with each other! 😀

  12. Guys, I got accepted at MFA! Thank you for every information here! I’ll see you guys around!

    And for those who are taking the Pre-Entry exam in the future, who is reading this! Get your Bernoulli’s Principle right! And have a good acceptable English Speaking Skill for the Interview!


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