MARA Education Loans for Cadet Pilots

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What happened to the MARA education loans for cadet pilot course?

To what i understand.. all Malaysian cadet pilots graduated from a Malaysian flying school must work with airlines from Malaysia only. Such as MAS, Air Asia, Firefly, Maswings or other local companies in need of pilots. To apply to other foreign airlines you may required a certain flying hours in order to be eligible. Or you may have to convert to other foreign license first to work with that country’s airlines company. That will be more costly..

That may be the reason why MARA sponsors private cadets due to the airline, during that time MAS in need of pilots. MARA confident that the MARA sponsored cadet pilots will get the opportunity to be recruited to MAS. But, due to the economic downturn that hit the aviation industry, MAS dont need any new pilots yet.. for ur info, it is hard to get any job even in other sectors as well. This lead MARA to consider back their private loans for cadet pilots..

Previously, MAS fully sponsored all of their cadets. But now the MAS cadets are sponsored by MARA due to the confirmation of jobs. But still.. there are some MAS cadet pilots remains jobless. They are not allowed to apply jobs to other airlines coz of their contract with MAS.

MARA need to know whether MAS in need of pilots or not.. unfortunately not yet. “We’re hoping for MARA, and MARA hoping for MAS supports”..

All of this info is according to some of my pilot friends and some cadet pilot personal blogs plus my opinions. Correct me and sorry if i’m wrong.. all I can say is be patient. To all pilot wanabees ou there, bear in mind that pilots will always be needed, only the times will decide it. InsyaAllah kalau ada rezeki, the time will comes..

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A shot taken passing by the Anna International Airport, Chennai, India. A Sri Lankan Airline approaching runway 07L.. it seems to be unique as if the aircraft is stuck on a thorn wired wall.. hehe 


Chennai Airport

Another shot near the airport, a Deccan Air..

Chennai Airport 2

A Journey to Chennai

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8th June, 2009 is the date of my flight with Malaysia Airlines to Chennai. It has been interesting to be flying again since my last flight to Bangkok in 2006 which I took Air Asia instead. But now here comes my next flight… a flight to Chennai.

I decided to take a public transport to go directly to KLIA without having to stop at every stations while heading to the airport. It does actually saves much time.. no regrets! haha..

Image001Arriving at the  KL Sentral (approximately at 6.30 pm local time), I straightly check-in. This is due to all international flights check-in in KL Sentral have to be done 2 hours before scheduled departures. If you don’t, you’ll have to check-in in KLIA. This might burden yourself to carry all of your baggage along with you to the airport. Eventhough you still have 2 hours to departure.. why burden yourself..?

The time taken from KL Sentral to KLIA was 28 minutes.. typically it will costs you RM35 one-way either taking the express or the transit package. The flight to Chennai is scheduled at 2135 Hrs Malaysian local time which means that the boarding gate will be open at 2105 Hrs. As a passenger I’ll have to get boarding 10 minits before departure to avoid flight delay.

The Interview Day

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Attending the tests and interview day at the Malaysian Flying Academy on the 6th of May, 2009.


A view of their fleets at the proving ground of MFA. You can see all of their aircrafts here, the Piper Warrior.

It’s really interesting indeed to be at the flying school watching the cadets revs-up the engines before taking off through the runway for their flight training. It does really ignites my spirit to sit for the tests that day. The tests being held at one of the classroom on the 2nd floor with a ground instructor as the invigilator during the tests session. The test subjects are Aviation English, Physics and Mathematics. The tests are quite simple if you studied a lot on the books given by them. There are 12 candidates including me that took the tests.. they all came from all over Malaysia which is 2 of the candidates came directly from Sabah! Well.. it’s nice getting to know and meet the people that has the same passion as me here..


I eventually passed all the tests and interview. Currently waiting for the offer letter yet to be issued before I get to the MARA interview. Once if I passed the MARA interview, well guess have to start packing bags and headset and ready to be airborne hehe.. my intake expected to be on the 16th November, 2009 as mentioned by one of the officer in MFA. They said that I might be joining with the same batch with the ‘Royal Malaysian Police Air Force’ (Unit Udara PDRM).. but it stil depends on the date of my MARA approval. Otherwise, my intake will be postpone next year..

Till’ today.. MFA has produced over 800 MAS pilots, 100 Air Asia pilots and few other foreign airline pilots as well. Please visit for more information about the academy.

– Those who are going to the MFA Pre-Entry Test, here are some of the tips and description of the tests – MFA Pre-Entry Test Tips. Hope this will help you guys.. goodluck!

Pilot’s Gathering

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Flydamnit Gathering at Sunway Pyramid 2009

First ever Flydamnit Gathering! Held on the 1st of May at Kenny Rogers, Sunway Pyramid. Some pilots and an aircraft expert from Air Asia and cadets from the Malaysian Flying Academy attended as well. Well, happy to be there and get to share some knowledges and experiences from them.


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